What's in the SSCA/KRCA terms of settlement?

There's been major progress with your agreement this week, including a big step forward in the battle for pay equity. NZEI Te Riu Roa negotiators have reached a historic settlement with the Ministry, getting their commitment to finalise the process for a teacher aide pay equity claim—and they'll do it within one month of signing the terms of settlement.

Your negotiating team fought hard for the Ministry to fund schools to pay the increase, but this was not successful. In the end, the team felt that getting the Ministry to agree to finalise the pay equity process offers the greatest chance to win the major improvement in pay and conditions that support staff deserve.

In the upcoming PUMs you'll be asked to consider whether to ratify the terms of settlement, and then vote.

See the terms of settlement

Download the full terms of settlement (137KB PDF)

Quick facts

Pay increases

  • 1.6% for Grade A followed by 1.2% 12 months later
  • 1.4% for Grade B followed by 1.2% 12 months later
  • 1.2% for Grade C followed by 1% 12 months later
  • 1.1% for Grade D followed by 1% 12 months later

These pay increases would apply from the date of settlement, provided ratification is complete by the 22nd of August.

Pay equity for teacher aides

Agreement to finalise the process around teacher aide pay equity within 1 month of signing the terms of settlement. Participation in the process will commence from the date the terms of settlement are signed.

Qualifications allowance cap increase

Increase of $125 to the maximum cap on the qualifications allowance for each group

Resolving the annualisation issue

Agreement in principle around a resolution of the annualisation issue by using calendar dates rather than pay periods, subject to checking the calculations. This means that the 27-pay-period issue can never happen again.

Professional forum 

Establishing a professional forum with a number of aims and outcomes around qualifications, PD and CoL roles for support staff, as well as investigating the operation of the combined scale including indicator language and grades.

​Term of the agreement

The term of the agreement is 25 months.

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