Resource Teacher of Literacy Service under review

The Ministry of Education is evaluating the Resource Teacher of Literacy (RT Lit) Service. The letter announcing the review states the evaluation is part of the MoE’s "ongoing cycle of review, evaluation and improvement and is not related to the recent RTLB review".
There are two phases to the review:

  • Investigating the operation of the RTLit model, structures and outcomes
  • Considering ways to improve the implementation and operation of the service.”

The first stage includes a survey of Resource Teachers of literacy, their host schools and management teams carried out as a research project by Martin Jenkins and Associates.  NZEI has had assurance that the survey responses will be treated as confidential to the research team and that the MoE will have access to only the aggregated data. 
NZEI encourages RTLit members to respond to the survey.

While the outcome of the Ministry's review is unclear at this time NZEI will continue to monitor the process

Attention: RTLit members

NZEI would like to keep in contact with Resource Teacher: Literacy members,  but to do this effectively our membership system needs to have your correct details.

We believe some members listed on our membership system as RTLit may longer be employed in that service although they remain members, perhaps as primary teachers or RTL&B. That also means that there may well be new RTLit members that we don’t know about. As our email lists are generated by occupation this means some members may not receive relevant emails as the review progresses.

We are encouraging all members to go to the MYNZEI, login and check that their details are correct.
And please, if you know of any new RTLit members ask them to also check their details on MYNZEI.

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