Registration Subject to Confirmation (STC)

This category is for experienced teachers who have not met the requirements for full registration. This generally means that they have not taught for 8 blocks of ten weeks in the last 5 years.

Some facts about STC:

  • Subject to confirmation category does not affect the ability to employ the teacher in permanent or fixed term positions, for full or part-time work, so long as the teacher holds a current practising certificate.
  • The teacher registered STC is still placed on the appropriate salary step.
  • The teacher registered STC can remain in teaching, and in that category for as long as they wish, subject to reapplication each three years to renew their practising certificate.

To maintain a Subject to Confirmation practising certificate

Within the last three years the teacher has completed at least:

a. six weeks of full time continuous teaching employment; or

b. 80 days of teaching employment (including day relief); or

c. three months of full time teaching employment in an educational institution recognised by the Education Council.

If the teacher does not meet one of the above, the Education Council will exercise discretion to consider any teaching employment completed within the previous five years.

Professional development support for relieving teachers is important. This needs some co-ordination and can be best achieved through school clusters. Individual principals should consider sending a list to all teachers on its relieving list of staff meetings and staff professional development dates for the term with an invitation to attend.

Overseas teachers applying for registration in New Zealand for the first time may be eligible for registration Subject to Confirmation, provided they have had 5 or more years of teaching experience, have held a senior teaching positions in conjunction with documented supervised teaching experience.

Note that the Teachers Council will not recognise teachers registered STC as tutor teachers. Principals must be aware of this and must not appoint STC teachers as Tutor Teachers - the work of any PRT being supervised by a STC teacher cannot not be recognised for the purposes of moving to full registration, and the Council will require the programme to be repeated under the guidance of a fully registered teacher. That is of great concern to the PRT involved.

STC Resources:

Requirements for Professional Development